100 Rifters

As Kirith has posted, m3 Corp has closed its doors. This is very sad indeed. A great corporation ceasing to dish out it's deadly business.

Now that it's not possible to join with my m3 buddies once my PvP starts up again (as I mentioned before) It 's time to find other ways to get my PvP on.

I'm leaning towards small gang low-sec at this moment in time. As I'm not currently in the position to put the time into a new corporation, I have decided to join the Minmatar Faction Warfare.

It's unlikely that I'll be joining any player corporations while I'm in FW as I'm planning my stay to be temporary. I will be taking an idea I heard Hallan Turrek mention in one of Voices from the Void's podcast episodes. I will be flying 100 Rifters that I have built myself into battle against the filthy, honour-less Amarrian scum!

After all, it is the year of the Rifter!


Not sure about the " honour-less Amarrian scum ! " part... Other than that fine.

Its the year of the rifter?

Yeesh, is this as far as we've got? If it's the year of the Rifter, was the plan to get rid of all 100 *this* year? This is looking increasingly challenging.If that is the case and by New Years Eve it's clearly not going to happen, I've thought if a couple of options:Do YOU have to be flying them? If you don't, can I suggest a Circle of Treachery event where everyone gets in one of your Rifters and meets at a designated point, whereupon a last man standing combat is initiated. Hilarious carnage and double-crossing should ensue if you've given the competitors enough time to make allegiances.If that doesn't work, reprocess the remaining Rifters, stick the resultant minerals in a hauler and head for the New Eden gate. See how close you can get.

lol! Loving the 'reprocess the remaining Rifters' idea :DThe idea of a free for all sounds brilliant. Although I rather doubt we'd get enough people involved!

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