Goodbye EON Magazine


After 8 years of excellent news and articles about our favourite game EVE Online, EON Magazine will no longer be published. It has printed it's last edition and we will no longer be able flick through its glossy pages, savouring that freshly printed smell through our nostrils.

I learned to fit ships the correct way through EON. Its fits frequently appearing in my install of EFT while I tried desperately to understand what the hell I was doing.



The past few months have been fairly quiet PvP wise. Kadavr Black Guard are still part of Shadow Cartel and Noise has been taking it easy while slowly training up ships of other races. Noise can already fly all race T2 Frigates, now he can fly all...


Us EVE Online fans obviously like a good space game! Whether it be spreadsheets in space, shoot you in the face in space or casually does it in space while hoping you're not the next SURPRISE FACE RAPE victim. While I have been neglecting my EVE O...

SiSi Senior

I've been messing around in SiSi a lot recently. I wanted to play with some ship fits to see different possibilities on blowing dumbass innocent carebears out of the sky in my pursuit to become a proper flashy pirate. I've got to say. I absolutely...