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During a major moving operation I often pick up all my crap that I have accumulated by a freighter alt. I will jump all my assets from my 0.0 base of operation to a low sec system using my carrier and then an alt will collect the items from the low sec system in his freighter. Every time I have done this, which is a fair number of times, at least one person will make some sort of comment about how crazy I am or that they can't believe I would jump a freighter into low sec. The people who often make these comments aren't usually short on isk and are normally quite good at PvP. Does low sec really scare people that much? I don't run around in my freighter jumping into low sec system blindly. I will scout locations ahead, see if the coast is clear enough for my freighter to survive multiple jumps in and out loaded with my precious cargo. While I am jumping my freighter into a low sec system I will 'stand guard' in a ship capable of tanking gate guns, enough usually to prevent people straggling at a gate or to scare off those thinking about pointing the freighter and waiting for their backup.

Usually all the crap will be taken to Jita and dumped, most of the items ends up getting sold along with a few of the ships I haven't piloted for a while. I'll then buy new ships and fit to the requirements of our new alliance and transport them via freighter to the new corporation staging area in low sec.

When we moved into Providence I told myself that I wouldn't take any more than one carrier load with me, jumping all my ships and items around can be a chore. We only stayed for a few months and I had accumulated three carrier loads worth of crap! Sheesh! I suppose battleships do take a lot of space though. This time I will only take two battleships with me. One Ratting ship, a Raven. One large fleet ship that will be reconfigured as needed, probably an Apocalypse. I will also have to take an assortment of small gang ships with me and I will try to limit myself to only taking enough ships that will fit in one carrier load. I plan on taking as few modules as possible as these are the things that tend to accumulate rather quickly.

Commander Phoenix is all moved out of Providence except for two jump clones which can wait. Next is to get two carrier loads of ships and equipment sorted, packed and sent to our low sec staging point. I'll hopefully get a change to start that tomorrow.

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