And the audience says...

It's decided then, you don't want me to buy a monocle! A few declared that I should spend my ISK on whatever I want and some said that I should buy a monocle so I can troll other pilots. I don't want a monocle though! I think it's an ugly looking thing!

The majority spoke saying that I should not buy a monocle. Why would I waste my money, why would I want to wear an ugly thing, why would I consider buying one? Some good points were raised, people buying at these prices are telling CCP that it is OK to charge above real life prices for in game items. It is not.

I know there are items for sale in the game that cost above and beyond these current prices but they are not purchased using Aurum. Aurum can only come from PLEX. PLEX can only come from $$$ or €€€ (why no £££ love CCP?).

To me, personally, it's OK to pay 2 billion ISK for an item as it is just that. ISK. In game currency, that can be gained by mining, manufacturing, looting, missions, anomalies  wormholes, etc. 2 billion for an item that MUST be bought with real life money though, is just a little ridiculous. Yes you can buy it through the market for ISK but somebody HAS to buy the item in the first place with ISK somewhere along the route.

There is too much ISK in the game at the minute and pilots aren't spending it. The NeX store may remove some of it from one pilots wallet but it will only put it into somebody else's, the pilot who bought the PLEX. In effect just spreading it around. Maybe the new owner of the ISK has plans and will spend it, maybe not?

Me? I have more ISK now than I've ever had. Heck, I HAVE considered buying items from the NeX store. Not the monocle, perhaps the goggles? Nah! I got much better things to spend this ISK on. Game time! Why spend that ISK on items that do nothing? I may as well add the ISK onto my account in the form of game time.

I have, however bought some tickets from Kirith Kodachi's recent auction. 10 million per ticket to win a pair of NeX store goggles. I bought 3 tickets. If I win them, I get an uber cheap NeX item. If I don't win, I get to have given my corpie Kirith some ISK which will possibly go towards funding his next Bring Me The Head Of event! :)



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