Anybody want a free copy of Flatout on Steam?

Here's the store page on Steam.


Mention me on Twitter and I'll DM you the key. In the unlikeley event that more than 1 person reads this and wants it, I'll generate a random number to decide who gets it.


I normally just post these keys on Twitter but thought I may as well try and generate a little extra traffic to this here blog of mine! Even if it isn't EVE Online related, although I do have a copy of EVE Online to give away on Steam at some point.


3 people expressed they wanted a copy:

1: WillMorrisson
2: gmanvg
3: porkins74

Here is the Java I knocked up to get the winner:

import acm.program.*;
import acm.util.*;

public class Competition extends ConsoleProgram {

private static final int NUM_ENTRIES = 3;

public void run() {
  int winner = 0; 
  winner = GenRandom(); 
  println("The winner is: " + winner); 

  private int GenRandom() { 
  int winner = 0; 
  winner = rgen.nextInt(1, NUM_ENTRIES); 
  return winner; 

/* Private instance variables */
  private RandomGenerator rgen = RandomGenerator.getInstance();

The result was:

The winner is: 2

DM to the winner has been sent




I don't have EVE online right now, but when I do I'll make sure to follow this website!

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