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This blog post is a response to Blog Banter: EVE Quick Matches by Seismic Stan
EVE Quick Matches

Kirith Kodachi recently discussed the idea of what a World of Tanks style quick-match element would bring to EVE Online. Would the opportunity for a quick combat interest you? How could it be implemented? Could it be done without having a negative impact on existing gameplay elements? Or does such a concept have no place in EVE?

Arena style PvP...

Not too long ago, I can't remember where, I made some pro comments about Arena style PvP. Somebody else spun me a negative side. I didn't think much more of it as I didn't think anything like this would come about any time soon. It appeared to me, at the time, that all the good ideas in the world wouldn't seem to shift CCP into gear. I thought that they might be too afraid of breaking existing game mechanics that they've decided to leave everything as it is. Then along came the latest set of devblogs and It re-ignited that spark of hope in my heart.

So this time, when I saw ex-corp mate Kirith Kodachi's post about Arena PvP. Following by Seismic Stan's revival of the Blog Banter since Crazy Kinux filed away his blogging key for good. I thought I'd mull it over.

I can see the benefits of arena PvP. For Weekend Warriors it would enable them to grab some guaranteed fights in a reasonable amount of time. This would also be one of the main disadvantages. Why would anybody want to roam low-sec, or 0.0 if they are guaranteed fights in an arena. An arena where you are guaranteed to not get blobbed, you won't spend hours looking for a fair fight with which you'd inevitably loose security status.

It would make PvP easy. Not only that, it would become the only way, other that large sovereignty battles, to engage in PvP once the low-sec roaming stopped. Is Easy PvP what we want in the complex universe of EVE Online?

If we did have a PvP arena(s) and it didn't take away the normal (who's to say what is normal?) PvP. It would be a very good place to train ship piloting combat skills, once capsuleers are good at killing in the arena, they could learn to hunt! It is often difficult learning to hunt AND learn how to pilot your chosen ship at the same time.

Perhaps if the arenas weren't constant? If they were tournaments or leagues? Making the capsuleers spend a pre-determined (high) amount of ISK to enter. Once they were out of the competition, they'd have to resume regular PvP activities and/or go earn enough ISK for the next entry fee.

I know that if PvP arenas were introduced into the game, I would use them. But that leads me to question myself. Would I be ruining the game for myself? Free-for-all arenas such as World of Tanks, yes I would. Long term tournaments? No they wouldn't ruin the game.

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Good read! But i disagree on the part where you have to 'pay a pre-determined (high) amount of ISK to enter'. Granted, we all have different views on how high a 'high' amoumt of isk is, but for me 100mil is a boatload of iskies and for other its spare change. And as I see it, its the fear of losing your ship that puts lots of people off from going roaming (could very well be wrong though) and for 100mil you can buy and fit loads of frigates or about 5-7 cruisers or 2-3 battlecruisers.Waait a minute. If there was a fee it would mean that the poor slobs like me still had to duke it out in 'real' space and there would still be targets out in low and null sec.Good read indeed!-Khorgath

Yes. The fee could make the arena style PvP more niche. Perhaps even progressing such tournaments to have prizes?

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