Back to school...


Everybody except noise have spent their reimbursed skill points. The Doctor (not his in game name) finished training Cybernetics V to give him the ability to use implants that give relevant bonuses. The others spent them on PI skills of which most of them can now use Elite Command Centres. Most of them aren't in active training any more and have all the skills they need, a few shield skills here or there would have been nice, but they all agreed PI skills for some semi-passive income would be nice.

None of us have yet to try PI but often see str0ngb0w updating his at work, I'm he'll show us the ropes although I'm thinking of waiting till after the new changes come. Does anybody reading this blog (does anybody read it?) know how much time per character it takes to update and do you have to be in the same solar system in order to do so? 

When deciding what to spend her skill points on, Commander Phoenix decided she would get some of those skills out of the way that are pretty much essential but always get put off as they take so long. 
Advanced Weapon Upgrades V was the first culprit, She had been avoiding that one for a long time even though noise bragged about having the skill every single time a ship was being fitted.
Amarr Carrier IV was needed by m3 Corp to be classed at carrier capable so was an obvious one for her.
Time and time again Commander Phoenix had seen calls for Guardians go unanswered, no more, Logistics V HAD to be trained.
The remaining skill points were distributed amount skills that required Charisma, of which she currently has little of. That'll be that annoying Amarrian chant everywhere she goes in station. Helping her Amarrian friends achieve their goal was all well and good but enough with the chanting already! Wing Command, Armoured Warfare, Warfare Link Specialist, Siege Warfare, Information Warfare, Skirmish Warfare all gained a couple of levels which only left a couple of thousand to throw on Sentry Drone Interfacing which is nearing V.

This means that Commander Phoenix has made it to be m3 Corp standard for carriers, so she can now use them should the alliance or corporation require it. I don't see that happening for the foreseeable future though as we are surrounded by enemies with much superior capital fleets than us, fielding our capitals would certainly be an expensive kamikaze lesson.

Being the stubborn Minmatar he is, noise has purposefully not applied his skill points yet. As stated in a previous post he would like to get into that T3 ship but as he is not active in PVP at the moment there is no reason to do so. He has decided to wait till he finds his purpose before using them.

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