Catch the Pigeon...


While I have the time and motivation to, I think it's time to create some tactical bookmarks in some popular systems. First thing to do is create a couple of mid-safe bookmarks, otherwise known as 'crap ones'. Now that I've done that I can create some unaligned safes, or as I like to call them 'not crap ones'. I've done this in a few systems, only the important ones at the moment because creating these can be tedious when your flight time is limited. Next on the list is to create some Tactical (TAC) bookmarks around the gates at various distances from the gate.


There's now a war target Crow at a gate and i'm 300km away. I'm arty fit this time and not entirely sure how I'm going to go about killing him but it's too late now. I've already initiated warp to the gate at 10km. Time to catch the pigeon!

As I land, the Crow is just over 15km away from me and by the time I have him locked he has moved to an orbit of 20km. I start firing my arties at him and at first it is looking reasonable. Our shields are going down at a similar rates. Until the next round of missiles strike my ship and I've now dropped most of my shields while he is still at half. Now what? Proof that I didn't think this one through. He's circling me at his comfortable range and I can't close the gap or deal much damage with his speed. My tracking disruptor is useless against his missiles too! He keeps popping just outside my warp disrupt distance too, not that it matters. He has me where he wants me and there is nothing I can do about it. Perhaps next time I fly arty I'll use a damp instead! I continue to needlessly shoot at the Crow while he circles me like a Vulture waiting for me to die. Before long my armour's gone and my structure slowly bleeds away while sirens shriek at me. I'm still trying to close the gap on him and then attempt to pull away when my ship finally explodes and leaves me unprepared to warp my Pod out to safety! Luckily I do get away with my clone intact this time and am making a mental note to be ready with a Pod warp-out next time.

Time to ponder my next Rifter fit while I steer my Pod back to base.


Shame. Nice post though. When are you joining up?

You're number 1 in my sights, don't worry. Need to chat first though, when I get some free time that is!

Awesome. ATM I am outa game with pc issues but I can be found on Facebook, my gmail , skype, twitter and any other media as long as you let me know. You would ofc be an asset to what we are trying to achieve so just drop me a line anytime.

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