Commander Phoenix is

Commander Phoenix

History of Commander Phoenix

A Caldari citizen of the Merchandisers ancestry. Immortalised specifically to join Minmatar Heavy Industries and begin an industrial career of mining.

Which lasted a total of 6 months.

2004.02.22 21:49

Arguments, Lots of crying with added shouting!

Love is what matters most and if being stuck at the arse end of New Eden puts that into jeopardy, you have to re-evaluate.

Respect love, everything else is expendable.

At least that's what she tells me!

I believe this is time for a break.

2005.04.20 05:57

It's always there...

Deep in the subconscious part of the mind it waits.

It manipulates your memories, your experiences.

It adds a reminder that you could be doing something else.

Getting back into a pod was a good feeling. I knew I couldn't stay in the pod for great lengths of time like I used to and would also have to take breaks from the game time to time. Things where different now I had a family to look after.

2008.04.01 01:49

War is coming. New corporation. Time to study the art of war.

I will protect my family from the front line but first I must train. Years of being a carebear make you squidgy around the middle!

2009.02.11 20:50

Must have Jump Clones.

I am the monkey. I can go anywhere.

Including here and here and here. :D

I loved TheKiller8’s flash animations.

2009.02.11 21:32

More WAR! Die! Die! Die! Kill! Kill! Kill!

Fed up of 1 man corporations now though. To the NPC Caldari Faction Warfare it is!

2009.02.18 20:24

A PVP corporation recruiting me? This should be fun and the corporation has a cool name, Orchestrated Violence. I’ll see if my buddy str0ngb0w wants to join.

First taste of a PVP corporation and I seem to be hooked. A decision to move to 0.0 as part of Tenth Legion, however, didn't pan out too well and the corporation fizzled out!

2009.05.10 18:23

Back to Faction Warfare in various forms of NPC and 1 man corps. My buddy str0ngb0w joined another corporation, More-Cowbell after the fall of Orchestrated Violence. I didn’t want to follow, as I couldn’t dedicate enough time. I was at college studying my HND in Computing.

A carebear life for me, except with teeth every now and then. Part time PVP. Oh Yeah!

2010.04.16 19:00

This was the time. I hadn’t yet finished my University course but was longing to get back into a corporation. str0ngb0w managed to get me in his corporation and Null Sec PVP ensued!

2010.08.21 08:16

Our alliance Cult of War broke down and with that our corporation disbanded after a brief stint in Amarr Faction Warfare

2010.08.22 15:32

After looking around str0ngb0w and I decided it was time to rejoin some old alliance friends from ex Cult of War alliance so we applied to pirate corporation Quam Singulari.

After just joining and moving into our lowsec base the corporation decided to move over to back end of nowhere.

We decided to try and get down with them but had no help from the rest of the corporation to get there in our Carriers. This ultimately led us to the decision that Quam was not a home for us.

2010.09.11 12:19

Which brings us to my current corporation. m3 Corp.

We searched a fair number of corporations and decided Kirith's adventures in m3 Corp sounded like fun. m3 were currently part of RAGE alliance who were a member of the Northern Coalition so we were promised plenty of targets to shoot.

By the time our recruitment had gotten underway my carrier was sitting in m3 Corps lowsec staging area eagerly awaiting acceptance.

Once I had joined m3 Corp I was shocked at the extensive jump bridge network and tools available to navigate the space I now called home.

I was involved in some good large fleets and some small ones.

2010.11.10 01:01

Blue, blues everywhere and not a pilot to pop. m3 Corp had decided to leave RAGE alliance. I can't say I was sad to see us leave but I still cant traverse high-sec without getting popped by the local police. It's a horrible thought but I should have done more ratting while I could!

2010.11.15 20:00

Apparently to the whole of the Tweetfleets disgust, m3 Joined CVA.

This is where I am currently, I have moved all my ships to the area and am currently getting a feel for Providence.

I haven't, however, gotten any kills this month as yet!


Details of 00sage00's Tweetfleet can be found at

Kirith Kodachi's Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah is found at

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