Death Race 2


Rixx Javix has organised his second Death Race for Thursday 9th June. I wanted to compete in the last one but I was working. This time I am not working but am very busy outside of the POD.

Each time I see a blog post, tweet or comment about the race it makes me want to join in, busy or not.

So I though 'sod it' and paid the measly 5 mil entry fee and will turn up in the designated starting location on the 9th. I've joined the in-game channel DEATH RACE 2 ready to be informed where that will be.

So far the prize pot has reached around 2 billion along with 4 x $50 EVE Online store gift certificates and some Gallente only prizes being awarded by Mike Azariah.

I'm unsure what ship to fly in. It'll be Minmatar that's for sure. I own a Dramiel but i'm unsure I want to lose that just yet as it's never been flown into battle. Perhaps I should stick to the Rifter that has proved me so well in the EON Frigate Tournament :)

A mere 5 million entry fee for a whole lot of entertainment is a win win situation. Whether I blow up at the start of the race or not!

Rules can be found here.


Unfortunately the race was cancelled due to lack of participants. It also appears that Rixx wont be organising any further races.Very unfortunate :(

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