Episode 12 of StarfleetComms

The latest episode of Starfleet Comms is available for download. Go check it our here if you haven't yet.

We talk about what we've been up to in-game and how much ISK we have. A short bit of information about the Phaser Inc scandal. We discuss a few points on the CSM minutes, although I did forget to start a discussion about Local! We announce the Inspired by Images of EVE 3 competiton, enter to win PLEX! 

Blogs also get a mention in this episode. We talk about A day in EVE, The Greater Geek2nd Anomaly From The LeftFreebooted, EvogandaInner Sanctum of the Ninveah and Kane Rizzel.

A quick mention about Google+, a discussion about music that represents the EVE races and few shout-outs.

This episode also includes episode 2 of The ISK Bucket :D

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