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Recently I became a co-host of StarFleet Comms podcast and am greatly enjoying it and I love talking to MaxTorps in and out of the podcast. As part of progressing the podcast MaxTorps recently started to write a new fiction 'show' for the podcast. Max has has created a synopsis and written a few episodes already and started to advertise for voice actors. We are hoping to grab a female voice for one of the characters and we also need another male.

If you are interested in being part of the StarFleets Comms show you can get more information here or head over to the EVE Commune forums linked below to express your interest.

Seismic Stan and a few other podcasters have put together an initiative to gather together like minded EVE Online meta gamers, pooling our talent base together. The idea is to have a common place where you can advertise your ideas and try to gather help from the community. You can also submit your details to offer help and give a description of what you are interested in doing so that others can see who is available for their projects, or you can reply to a current project that is looking for help.

Take a look at Seismic Stans post here and then head directly to the EVE Commune forums where the initiative is based.

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