Goodbye EON Magazine


After 8 years of excellent news and articles about our favourite game EVE Online, EON Magazine will no longer be published. It has printed it's last edition and we will no longer be able flick through its glossy pages, savouring that freshly printed smell through our nostrils.

I learned to fit ships the correct way through EON. Its fits frequently appearing in my install of EFT while I tried desperately to understand what the hell I was doing.

I own all but a couple of issues in print format and will miss it greatly. It was quite expensive to buy with added shipped to your doorstep but I thought that it's forray into the digital market through Zinio would ensure it's continued success. Alas, t'was not to be.

R.I.P EON Magazine.

-edit. Here is a dev blog publically announcing the news.


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