Goodbye learning skills...

The Phoenix Diaries

...and good riddance. Don't let the airlock hit you on the way out.

That's correct kids, the learning skills that plague a new characters first month or so of their immortal life will be removed.

I'm not sure of the split but it appears people are divided by this. Some appear very (very) happy at the news and some not so happy.
Some people feel that a complexity of the game is being taken away, which is true. However I feel it is a detrimental complexity, one that I have been getting increasingly frustrated with while creating new alts for exploring new areas of the game. I guess I am too much of an optimising freak to not train those skills and it robs me of a good early taste for my alts.

Commander Phoenix and noise, my main characters, both have a high number of skill points in learning 4.5mil and 3.5mil respectively. I will happy to distribute those points to skills that I have been looking at training, while being mapped in a way to make it not worthwhile.

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