I reckon I could've taken those 9 supercaps

Had a couple runs through Minmatar/Amarr FW low sec with my new corpies.

My family decided to come station side to pay me a visit so I couldn't get my pew pew on until late in the evening. There were a few of us awake in corp so we opted to find targets together but our FC was having trouble with his pod interface which scuppered most chances, not that we had many. We roamed for a couple of hours before I decided to turn in for the night. No kills and no losses.

About 4 hours later I was wide awake. What to do? Pew pew obviously and there were 3 corpies on too, ready to roam the space lanes. We started by trying to entice a Cynabal into engaging my Rifter but we ended up scaring him. The others shipped down and we roamed around a bit looking for targets, none of which wanted to engage my Rifter.
We ended up chasing a Coercer and a Dramiel around for a little bit but they always seemed to warp off when I got too close. We roamed further and watched bemused as PL hot dropped 9 supercaps onto a Minmatar militia Rifter, I think they have been bored recently!

After a few more unsuccessful attempts at catching various targets our 4 man gang went down to 3 as Kirith logged off for the night just as an interesting message appeared in local.
I was intrigued, hadn't lost this Rifter yet and still had 2 corpies with me. May as well go investigate, eh? Hey, look who it is, the 2 from earlier!

Before I even land I know how things will unravel here. My backup is at the stargate still, I've had to go through a jumpgate to get here and I'm about to come out of warp into the teeth of a destroyer and a Dramiel!

I go balls deep and engage! 15 seconds later...

Rifter vs Dramiel and Coercer = 1 dead Rifter. My corpies still hadn't landed and decided not to engage once I popped. I started the journey back to base to fit another Rifter but as I landed on the outbound gate I saw a Stabber Fleet Issue that we toyed with earlier. I held on the gate and fed the intel to the others who started to warp to my location, when I saw the flicker of a yellow box appear around the Stabber before the lights went out.

I wake up in my new clone... In Stacmon! 20+ jumps away! I'm not getting back into this fight and I hear confirmation that a Tengu has joined the Stabber followed shortly by my 2 corpies exploding.

New Rifter time!


96 to go?

Technically, 95 as I'm in the process of writing the next post ;)

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