I smell fire and it's coming from the north

In a not-so-surprising turn of events. The Northern Coalition is burning.

The DRF, PL, NC. and ev0ke haven't stopped their advance on what was once the domain of the Northern Coalition. Geminate was the first to fall, followed by Vale of the Silent and it looks as if Tribute will now fall.

We have been issued a retreat order back to Pure Blind in order to prepare should we need to defend ourselves. The alliances in the Pure Blind region have formed a new coalition. It's temporarily called... I hope this doesn't stick... Ginger Coalition.

The months of constant CTA, CTA, CTA in order to form up and sit around for 3 hours doing nothing should now come to an end. For me, our time in the NC has made CTA a swear word. From now on a CTA will called only when absolutely necessary for urgent defence purposes. We will still be having the usual large fleet ops but the term CTA will not apply to these. We have been told that we will start seeing 'fun' ops too which shall be a nice contrast to the past number of months.


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