It is official! I am the winner of the EON Frigate Tournament. I got first place, Innar Mong came second and Shandir was placed third. Contrats to EVERYBODY who took part in the tournament! I must give Wilko an extra special shout out though, as he was always willing and eager to fight me.

(picture stolen from EON Magazine!)

The trusty Rifter did good! I had a lot of fun in the tournament and enjoyed the matches played. However, it became a chore to try to get matches arranged with fellow pilots. The reason it became a bit of a chore was due to a few pilots consistently winning matches, which led to pilots giving up. Combine that with the lack of rules regarding who you should fight and it became difficult to source pilots to shoot at.

I would jump at the chance to do another tournament but only if there was a lot more structure to it this time.

I received my winnings! 500,000,000 ISK which is nice to have. I owe fellow corpie Jade Hayashi 100m which I borrowed during the tournament after a spate of losses. 400,000,000 can buy me a lot of Rifters :D

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