-KBG- leaving FW

Most of the targets for my Rifter are about to be no more as Kadavr Black Guard are leaving Faction Warfare. I knew -KBG- wouldn't be staying in FW for very long before I joined but it does mean I'll have a lot less targets to shoot in my Rifter when I have gate guns to think about.

So while I still had the chance I thought I'd suicide another Rifter. I see plenty of Cynabals around the war zone and have often wondered what they'd do to a Rifter.

I dropped onto a gate and there was a Cynabal, just idling on the gate. Knowing I'd die, I locked it up and started firing. The Cynabal returned fire and I immediately exploded! My repairers managed to get off a cycle or 2 but the Cynabal's fire power was so devastating that I didn't even manage to grab a screenshot.

Instead enjoy this picture of a Cynabal I found somewhere on the internet!


Corp chat:noise > I wonder what a cynabal will do to my frigAcute Dragonis > It will melt your faceA few seconds pass....noise > Yep

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