Last night with Roc

Last night we (Starfleet Comms) recorded a short podcast section to go with the interview I conducted with Roc Wieler. The episode should be aired in the next day or so.
A picture of Roc Wieler created by the man himself.

I edited the interview part myself, the first time I have done any editing so let me know how it sounds. Max Torps asked to me to keep the interview short... I really enjoyed talking with Roc... It ended up being about just over an hour long after editing. Sorry Max!

When it gets published you will be able to know Roc Wieler a little better.

As the interview went over, we didn't have any time to get any other discussion done. So we have arranged to record another episode in about a weeks time.


Was my pleasure. I'm really looking forward to the final edit.

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