Lessons learned. Literally!

Max Torps pointed Penelope Star and myself to the new Agony PvP University enrolment thread as a potential feature for the podcast.

I had tried to get on one of the courses when I first started active PvP a couple of years ago but they always seemed to get booked up pretty quickly. After a while I gave up. So it seemed strange to find a fresh thread with slots available. We all signed up pretty quickly and secured our places.

I honestly did not think I would learn much from this course. I knew there would probably be something I wasn't sure about but as soon as Caldak started the lesson I was shocked about the amount of information I didn't actually know!

After the lessons we undocked for some practical manoeuvres, ventured in and out of a wormhole and then managed to get a little fight in low sec to end the night with.

The next night was the roam. We started off by killing a couple of Tuskers, moved on to Syndicate and made contact with a Battlecruiser fleet and caught a smart bombing Scorpion.

I ended the night with a fight with a smart bombing fleet that appeared to be waiting for us. The remaining members of the Agony class continued to roam after I was tucked up in my Captain's quarters where my lovely lady was waiting for me. What a brilliant night.

The next night, as I hadn't lost this Rifter as I had expected being part of an Agony Frigate gang, I opted to go roaming again instead of tending my Industry. Of which I keep meaning to inform you about.

I travelled through Amamake/Dal and the nearby systems and proceeded on to Amarr space. I encountered a few gangs consisting of two or more ships that I knew would pretty quickly pop me so I opted to fly quickly past them on the hunt for better targets. I didn't find any so made my way back to see if a Hurricane/Dramiel pair I spotted earlier were still around. They weren't but I did come across a friendly Hurricane in trouble against six war targets. I knew the cane wouldn't make it but I couldn't leave him to die by himself.

I spotted a single ship split slightly from the the other five enemy ships. Unfortunately, it was an Interceptor but I had to try. I burned at him with my afterburner on, at and angle and locked him up. Once he was locked I set an orbit of 10 km and activated my point, tracking disruptor and rained artillery onto the golden menace. Soon his shields had been depleted. I couldn't believe that he wasn't burning away from me as I didn't have a scrambler to disable his microwarpdrive. Luck must have been on my side as before long, the Interceptor was destroyed. A couple of the enemy ships had now turned their attention to me and my shields had been eaten away by the swarm of drones circling me, I knew it was time to escape or die. I pointed the ship to a celestial and easily entered warp.

With the adrenaline still pumping from the kill, I warped back to the fight at 100 km distance with the plan to create a bookmark and then warp back to the celestial. That plan didn't work too well. I stayed around a couple of seconds too long which was just enough time for the Dramiel to disrupt my warp engines and hold me in place for the dogs to come along an tear me apart. I couldn't even fight back due to that damn Falcon!


Its amazing all the trouble the amarr go to to kill something as simple as a rifter... yet they whine when the see a falcon on the minmatar side!! Nice one on the ceptor though

I think the whining about unfair fleets is too common, it seems to be the mentality of many of our fellow capsuleers. Perhaps something happens during the conversion to being a capsuleer that turns on a whine gene?

agreed that it is far too common these day... sadly we are seeing less and less GF's posted in local and more bitching taking its place

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