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The following is a blog post by Kallaran. It is an exciting battle report from wormhole space.


Last weekend my current alliance plus a friendly corp invaded a C2 for ISK and fights. We didn't get fights but we did get ISK, two cap kills and several BPO's. We cleaned the system and then sold it on. As the weeks passed our pilots slowly started to make their way back to our home (a C6 with C6 static). Thursday came and the majority of our pilots where still in empire space although there had been more than enough entrances back to our home. This was our first mistake.
Our daily static for Thursday ended up connected to highsec again and some pilots re-entered but were soon engaged by a hostile alliance (the larger and stronger NorCorp). All pilots managed to get away but the hostiles started to camp our wormhole. Now normally if this happened, although the alliance is bigger than us, we generally get a fleet together and kick them off the wormhole and cycle it. If you remember though most of our pilots were still back in empire space. We were unable to get a fleet large enough to remove them from our static. This was our second mistake although it is connected to the first.
As the hours passed our numbers slowly started to grow to a point where we could maybe engage them on the wormhole and cycle it. But the hostile corp knew something was up, we are normally a lot quicker at closing 
wormholes than this. It wouldn't have taken them long to see our kill board, the kills from the last weekend and work out that most of our pilots must still be out. Soon the wormhole was closed by an invading Archon and a large group of T3's who then began to camp the new wormhole.
Now this would have been the time to attack, but we still didn't have the pilots (remember their still in highsec). NorCorp began to cycle their own static in their system which is also a C6. Due to the fact they had control of our static C6 wormhole they had two possible systems to cycle for so instead of a possible 1in300 (ish) chance of getting a connection to our system they now have a 1in150 (ish) chance. This is our third mistake, allowing them to do this.

NorCorp manage to bring in 2 more caps and 4 dreads this way during Thursday night and started to siege our towers, while we tried to get pilots back in any time we could, using covert ops. They were normally able to burn through the bubbles and the hostile camp on our static.

Friday was another day of trying to get out though our static and scan a way for pilots to get in. We managed to get the majority of pilots back in the wormhole by Friday night.  Whilst this was happening, the plans were being drawn up for a counter attack on Saturday, when the first tower was due to come out of reinforced mode. With the fear of people being podded back to high sec before the main battle, the orders were given not to engage the enemy. During Friday night in our US timezone, there was no activity at the hostile POS which was set up. The wormhole wasn't guarded, we were able to cycle it and get the last of our pilots in. This would have been a great opportunity to get our blue friendly corp in from empire, but this wasn't arranged. This was our fourth mistake. We also had the chance to rape cage the hostile POS and put it into reinforced while they had caps and various ships in the force field, but we were unable to, due to previous orders. This is our fifth mistake.

On Saturday we had a great turn out, the most I had ever seen with this alliance. The plan was sound, Bhaalgorns and Scorps to counter their Bhaalgorns and caps and although we were out numbered 3-1, we had an advantage of 2-1 caps to us, so things looked in our favour. The POS came out of reinforced and soon the hostile dreads entered siege and began to fire at it. We all logged on at once and warped to our cloaked pilot right on top of the hostile dreads. Our carriers entered triage (which I was in), the Bhaalgorns and Scorps did their job. Their Bhaalgorns were soon capped out and although we had some sub cap losses due to people not broadcasting (I did tell them before to broadcast, as it will be hard to rep without them). We managed to kill all the hostile dreads and caps that had warped in during the battle, along with some of their support fleet of T3 cruisers. People began to think the battle was won and the fleet was told to sit and wait for orders. The fleet sat there for about 10mins. This was our sixth mistake. I knew this was a danger so spoke up and said "We need get control of our static wormhole" which soon was agreed with and the fleet warped to the static.

Now we should have just sat here and closed the wormhole but a HIC bubble went up (I'm not sure why) and the caps were told to get out of the bubble. Once most of the capitals and dreads were out of the bubble the cycling of the wormhole started. The wormhole was currently in stage two and one of our capitals jumped. Without a scout going though first. Soon the shout of "AHARM is on the other side of this wormhole, warp out". This was our seventh and last mistake.

Our cap jumped though along with several AHARM T3's, two dreads and one cap (which we are still scratching our heads over, we have no idea how that much mass got though the wormhole, maybe another exploit). As soon as this happened the remaining NorCorp in the system warped to the just collapsed Wormhole. At this point I was already in warp as told, when the order was shouted to stay on the field or to warp back but our pilots soon started popping.

If we had scouted the wormhole we could have camped this sided knowing they will collapse the wormhole coming though and killed them like we killed the previous fleet. If we didn't wait around after the first battle we may have had chance to close the wormhole before AHARM could have got there.

The two hostile’s AHARM and NorCorp soon start to shoot the poses which are coming out of reinforced. While pilots in the alliance are either self destructing, selling the ships to the invaders at knock down prices or logging off in safes for an escape at a later date.

My little alliance who I knew when joining would some day have to fight AHARM or someone similar at one point or another, did much better than I expected. Although there were a few mistakes during the week I'm sure the members of the alliance have all learnt something. Some players had never been in a battle with more than 60+ players before and every one of them did what was asked during the battle and we did win the initial fight. If it wasn't for AHARM coming to the aid of NorCorp, today would have ended very differently.

I hope my alliance will go back to Wormholes, taking what they learnt and become stronger for it because today they proved to me that they have real spirit and the willingness to fight, somethings did go wrong but then this is EVE Online. We all learnt the hard way at least once or twice. This wasn’t the first time I was on the loosing side nor I doubt it will be the last.

In the future I would be more than happy to stay with them and help the place become even bigger, stronger and richer than before. But if they choose to leave wormhole space I will not be following them. Wormholes are what I like.


It honestly wouldn't surprise me if AHARM were exploiting again. I think that's one reason alone not to vote any of their people into CSM for a start.Hope you petition it to CCP so they can look into it.

The wormhole was fresh, not below 50%. We still have no idea how your carrier managed to jump back. We jumped 2 dreads plus a t3 fleet through, and we thought that would trap your carrier on the other side. If anything, the buggy wormhole helped you, as it let your carrier get back in the fight. We certainly didn't intentionally use any sort of exploit, and I don't appreciate that sort of accusation being thrown around with *no* evidence, especially when it *helped* you, not us.

You maybe need to read it again, because I do not accuse anyone of anything.If you didn't exploit before then maybe your name wouldn't be so tainted and then everyone wouldn't expect it off you now.

Again, in this case, *you* were helped by the bug.You said, "maybe another exploit". I'm not sure what you would call that, but I call that an unfounded accusation.

Two Step is a big cheater! ha ha haaaaa!

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