Look what arrived today

I received a parcel today, it was pretty heavy.


The print edition of this book is amazing, it's a joy to flick through.
Let's make sure I don't end up on Ga'Len's Fail Mail Friday shall we.


Ooh, this'll come in handy, save me writing the figures down on post-it notes!


Oh dear, I have found some out of date information already. It is to be expected though, a how-to print edition of an ever changing gaming world.


Ah, this is the bit I dabble in at the moment.


I purposefully took blurry images, honest. It's not that I couldn't be bothered to fetch out my proper camera!

This is very good and details book/manual for our beloved game and I'll definately be finding it useful. There'll be post-it notes sticking out the top in no time at all.


Well, I don't think you will end up as a featured loss mail in Fail Mail Friday, just don't be silly stupid with your ship fittings!:P

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