m3 Corp

I am a member of m3 Corp, in case you didn't know.

Predominantly a PvP corporation, m3 Corp members strive for superior performance on the battlefield. Since I have joined, the knowledgeable members have educated me whenever I lacked knowledge in any area, I have know other corporations just look down at the less skilled pilots. I like it here and have not seen leadership work as well as it does here. If somebody has to take a leave of absence there is another member able to fill in the gap. I witnessed Corporations collapse because it's CEO or a director has less time to spend in-game. I strongly believe that m3 Corp would easily rise above such instances and carry on with excelling at what we do best. PvP.

It is also unique for me to be in a Corporation that only has a 1% tax rate, this is replaced with an upfront 15 million ISK monthly fee per character in the Corporation. It seems to work quite well, It means I actually pay more per month as I have two capsuleers in the Corporation and I don't do much ratting. On the other hand I know other members who would make more income by ratting should the tax rate be higher. As a PvP Corporation m3 Corp has a 10 kill per month requirement but this is not set in stone, each members should easily be able to hit this target though whilst active.

The leadership are also very aware of 'Real Life' which helps immensely when you are a parent with a full time job. I haven't been on much recently but I have still remained a part of the Corporation where others would have kicked me by now. Personally this has helped me be more dedicated to m3 Corp and will be seeing me make more of an effort to log in than I otherwise would.

Corporation first wasn't something I thought I was missing with previous Corporations but being in m3 Corp has shown that their ideals of working together are much more noticeable. Perhaps it is due to personal greed within my previous employment? I don't know. but in m3 Corp everybody gets involved together with everything we do, not just PvP.




There has been some very notable bloggers that have been a part of m3 Corp at some point. I will provide a list of current bloggers within m3 Corp and also from bloggers who are no longer part of the family:

Active blogs by current m3 Corp members:
Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah by Kirith Kodachi
A Scout's Domain by Lumenarious Rex

Inactive blogs by current m3 Corp members:
Caldari Outcast by Dresarian

You can subscribe to all of the m3 Corp blogs as one package here.


Active blogs by ex-m3 Corp members:
The Chronofile by Rettic
Guns Ablaze by Jager Da
EVEOGANDA by Rixx Javix

Inactive blogs by ex-m3 Corp members:
Arth's Story by Arth Lawing




If you are interested in joining m3 Corp, join the in-game channel 'm3_public' and take a look at our recruitment page. Orakkus has also made a post regarding m3 Corp recruitment here.


m3 Corp are a member of Fidelas Constans Alliance and are a guests of the Northen Coalition.




*m3 corp fist bump*Word.I'm getting a this might be spam message. Our enemies plot against us!

Noo, no spam here! Word. *m3 corp fist bump*

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