Minmatarts competition winner!

Awesome. I just checked over at Chocolate Heaven and found that Chocolips has announced the winners. My entry won the video category, w00t! I'm not letting the fact that I won the category because I was the only video entrant put me off.

Everybody must remember to enter the competiton next year. Get your entries started now. The prizes are sweet, I won 2.75bil ISK and a nice selection of T2 Minmatar ships!
I would have liked to have finished it at some point but it looks unlikely since my gaming laptop was stolen a few weeks ago which housed the files. 

On a side note, it's amusing that the most amount of ISK I have made, is at a point where I can't physically play EVE without a PC to run it properly. This situation is about to be rectified though. More about that very soon in an upcoming entry.


Corp tax is 25% nashh tax is 25%, should leave you with plenty. Missing you x

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