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Wilko is available for a tournament fight. I rush into my POD and mentally hurry the boarding procedure into my Rifter. I have 15 jumps to make but Wilko is still fitting a ship. I travel to Gallente space in a hoarder. It's been a long while since I last travelled in this ship, before I started to engage other pilots in PvP. The thought is to attempt to carry spare Rifters and fittings with me in case I loose one in a fight. I manage to get there before he has finished, once he is ready we meet at our arranged spot and I grab the contents of the can he has just dropped from his Rifter. A bookmark labelled 'Good Luck!'. Thanks Wilko, you too. I have my damage control activated and have set my orbit to 1km, My afterburner is on and my weapons are pre-heated. Then I wait for Wilko to start firing. The first thing I see is Wilko trying to tracking disrupt me quickly followed by incoming autocannon fire. I return fire and wait to see who hits armour first. It's me. I activate my repper once I hit armour and curse to myself as I should have turned it on BEFORE I hit armour. I am at 6% armour before the first rep cycle finishes and my armour starts to repair. Wilko is down to 50% and I can see his repair amount isn't out doing my dps, my armour is repairing just enough even though at one point I go down to 1% armour. Just as I run out of capacitor Wilko's Rifter explodes. We would both like a further fight but we both have other things that need attending to. We agree that we will try and fight later in the day.


I am station side helping Chavalar with the blueprint inventions when Wilko appears on my neocom. He informs me that he is just fitting a ship out in order for us to fight and will be just a little while. Then I notice that my corporation neocom chat channel is blinking away at me. It's Greyhound. He's saying hi to Wilko and welcoming him into the corporation. Yay! Wilko has been accepted into m3 Corp and is now a corpie. Welcome Wilko, I look forward to roaming and fighting alongside you.


After being hit with the brick wall of information upon joining Wilko is now on voice comms. Great to chat! Now he is ready for that fight. We are corp mates now so no need to can flip, we can fight away without concord intervention. We both get ready and agree that we are both ready. We are each piloting Rifters but this time I have swapped some things around. I have upgraded my rocket launcher, I have removed the gyro stabilizer and added another armour repairer. Last time I used dual reps my cap was a major issue. Let's see how I hold out and hope that he doesn't fit a neutraliser. I lock him, activate my damage control, weapons, afterburner, webber and set my 1km orbit. I start taking away some of his shields and he reciprocates by tracking disrupting me. Wilko has me in armour first but he quickly follows and I activate both reppers spaced out so that when one ends it's cycle, the other is half way through and I get an even rep pattern going. Wilko has activated an energy drain on me now, I hope it isn't able to suck too much cap as my cap is the major issue with this fit. My armour is staying at 100% while Wilko is steadily running out of armour. It's looking good for me, my cap is almost depleted but my cap booster is waiting to be activated. Then Wilko announces over voice comms that he had turned off his damage control unit early into the fight by mistake. That IS a big mistake that I have done in the past but only against an Incursus. Against my Rifter, that mistake will cost him the match. My first strike on his structure removes 40% but then, I'm guessing, he activates his damage control unit as each hit is only removing a tiny amount of his structure once it has removed his newly repaired armour. My cap boosters have emptied from the module and I am about to run our of cap. He only has 25% structure left though, I don't think it'll be a problem. I am right. Just as I'm informed that the capacitor is indeed empty and my reppers turn off. Wilko's Rifter creates a nice explosion across my bow.



Great stories, great fights.It's such a waste though that due to the PvP being consensual, all your fittings lack a warp scrambler. Otherwise Eve newbies might learn a valuable lesson here.

Hi. Thanks for the comments :)The webifier is able to swapped out for a scrambler. I fit the scrambler if I think that my opponent will be in a ship that can kite my Rifter.Before this tournament I would fly Passive tanked Rifters when looking for solo PvP. I haven't done any solo roaming since starting the tournament but when I do, I will certainly be trying out some of my active tanks.

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