noise the evil carebear?

This week noise dropped from m3 Corp...

I have been consolidating my accounts recently and the account that housed noise was one of the ones being culled. This meant that noise needed transferring to another account and in order to do that, he needs to be in an NPC corporation. Just before typing this there is less than a day of time on the account and the character transfer has already begun.

Once noise is transferred, I will not be re-applying to m3 Corporation. The reason for this is my lack of active PvP. There is no point in being in a PvP corporation if I'm not PvPing. This means I will be concentrating even more on the industrial side of the Phoenix business and my blog posts will more than likely reflect that. 


There will be some PvP posts, as and when I take the time to go hunting. I am yet to decide on what I'll do with noise. Bring him into the industrial wing? Stick him in FW? Go pirate? 

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