Not trusted by my own people!

My associates have finished cooking 100 Rifters and have transported them for me, to Minmatar space. It's good to know the right people.


I have a sizeable amount of ISK allocated for the 100 Rifters project but I am not expecting to use it all. It is however there should I need it.

The first set of modules have been purchased and fitted to Rifter number 1 which is otherwise known as Boomer.

All that is left to do now is to join the Tribal Liberation Force and commit myself to the battle against the Amarrian slavers. There was a tiny problem with that though.

The recruitment officer kindly informed me that the Minmatar Republic do not trust me enough to fight for my own race. If I wanted to join the fight against the Amarr, I would need to prove myself.

Which leads me to now. I have completed a number of menial jobs for some agents. I will have enough standings after turning in this last courier job to join the fight.


You have to haul a bunch of stuff for us before we let you die for our cause.

Welcome to the militia. I trust you :-)

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