Pastures New


We are on the move again.

While our stay with CVA was enjoyable for a while it soon became tiresome, for me at least. We couldn't seem to convince other members to make a home in 0.0 rather than basing out low low sec and this was shown by our fleets only ever consisting on m3 Corp members. I wish CVA well in their quest for Providence domination but believe higher member initiative is needed before they accomplish that goal.

We, however, are moving back to the north. We will become members of Fidelas Constans [FCON] an alliance, I'm assured, who fought for their space in Providence back when m3 Corp were there the first time round. To be honest I haven't heard of FCON before as I wasn't part of the Providence war back then.

I'm uncertain of moving back as part of the Northern Coalition though, last time it left me with a few doubts. Maybe this time will be better. Perhaps being part of a better alliance I will enjoy the stay. I know for certain that I will have to stop beating around the bush and get some ratting in, my security status is still negative and being restricted in high security space is getting a bit of a chore.

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