The past few months have been fairly quiet PvP wise. Kadavr Black Guard are still part of Shadow Cartel and Noise has been taking it easy while slowly training up ships of other races. Noise can already fly all race T2 Frigates, now he can fly all Minmatar and Caldari Cruisers with Amarr coming up next. He's got all missile support skills trained to max but needs to focus on cruiser sized missile skills. There's no point in flying a Tengu if he can't fit T2 missile launchers!


In order to keep Noise with his pilots license ISK needs to be made. This is where his friends come in and have been taking focus recently.


Recent events and changes to the game have made the T2 ship market bumpy. Ships that used to be profitable are no longer, ships that never used to be profiable are now profitable and they keep switching. For a good month, no manufacturing took place due to the great increase in material prices. Plenty of invention took place though, creating a nice set of reserved T2 BPC's. Easily available when those particular ships are deemed profitable. It's a bit turbulant at the moment and the spreadsheets which tell me what to manufacture have had to be modified significantly lately.


The spreadsheets themselves are just a prototype and once the basic functionality is proven to work I shall start creating the full program. The idea is take the current mineral and material prices and work out what it costs to built T2 ships with these prices. Then take the current T2 ship prices and see if it is profitable to actually invent and manufacture those ships. It seems fairly simple but those that know EVE Online will know that nothing is that easy. Slight variation in material prices can greatly affect the build cost of a ship, especially when decryptors are involved.


I recently started to realise that the prototype was reaching a point beyond what Excel can manage. This means I have to start planning properly instead of just fiddling with a spreadsheet. Best place to start? A Mindmap.


it's not complete or 100% correct but it's a good starting point.


Make that program, and a lot of industrialists are going want to have your babies! (and not just to sell them into slavery)

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