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Our favourite life-lesson rapping super star CCP Guard asked a question over on the official EVE Online forums.

CCP Guard wrote:

I'd like to pose a couple of questions to the new citizens. I hope you'll humor an oldie who's been around for as long as EVE herself.

Assuming you are a new player who recently subscribed from a trial, what was it that convinced you to take that step? And what, if anything, that you experienced would have been most likely to prevent you in taking that step?


p.s. Fellow oldies can comment too :) 

I started to form a reply which ended up being longer that I had anticipated, so I thought I would include it here for those of you that dare not venture into such dangerous ground as the official forums!

noise wrote:

I loved Elite way back, including it's sequels that followed. Spent a lot of my childhood with those games.

I started this account in July 2003, coming from Earth and Beyond. I think CCP mass mailed me or something but I had already heard of the game through magazines such as PC Gamer. I was fed up of just walking around in Earth and Beyond to get anything done. I actually bought the boxed version of the game while browsing the GAME store here in the UK.

When I came to New Eden, I was a little disappointed about being unable to see my physical self but soon got over it. I remember not having a clue about the attributes and starting skills to pick and ended up having a fair few in Charisma. What a mistake!

I ran missions and mined at belts in order to afford bigger and better ships, even though I had no idea what I was doing and often flew mostly unfit ships. Not long into my capsuleer career I was snapped up by my first player corporation. They taught me stuff, told me my character was crap so I made another one (who is no longer part of the family) and used her instead of this one.

I remember the freedom was a magnificent feeling. Do what I want (I wanted to be a bounty hunter, damn you CCP) but ultimately it proved too much for a carebear to handle and my account lapsed.

I just didn't know what I was doing. I had no idea how to handle the module stacking and what most of the modules would do, despite corpies trying to teach me (well, we were miners!).  I was also forever afraid of being blown sky high by m0o. I felt, at the time, like an idiot and I didn't like it.

Given time EVE tugged back though. I just HAD to log back in and see the beauty of the game once again. It was as beautiful as I remembered and still just as harsh! Again, I didn't know what I was doing and this time I was on my own after being kicked out of the corp due to inactivity. I stumbled around with no player help and no decent tutorials available to 'guide' me. I lost a few ships and was gutted. Playing the game solo was no fun and cancelled my subscription again after a while.

Obviously, I did come back. I met a co-worker who had been playing for a short while. We both re-subbed and decided that FW PvP was where it was at! I split my characters onto different accounts so that noise could start training again. Joined FW and helped capture every single Gallente system as part of the Caldari FW (with the other character). This was where the real fun came into it. Part of a team, hands shaking and exploding. A lot!

So to summarise my waffle. What put me off was the lack of initial direction. There wasn't really anything to properly direct me into any of the main paths and I was too stupid to figure it out myself. I am ever, ever, ever so glad I finally figured out what to do! (albeit, still badly)

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