Rifter Down, 99 to go

I've been in the Minmatar Faction Warfare for two weeks now, roaming for half an hour a couple of times a week. Nothing major. For the first two roams I wasn't able to find anything worth shooting, that wouldn't insta pop me that is. Maybe it's the time period I was roaming? A couple of hours before downtime. The third tour of low-sec saw me warping to gates along side an enemy Cynabal, I obviously didn't want to engage it with my Rifter, I wouldn't stand a chance. I did attempt to grab a couple of enemy shuttles after losing the Cynabal but my Rifters lock time just wasn't good enough to snag me any prey.

This lead me to rethink why I was flying these Rifters. Did I want easy kills? Certainly not in a Rifter! Did I want to pad my killboard? Again, not expected in a Rifter. Besides I don't care much for a killboard score. Well, my 197.35B ISK damage done compared to 0.78B ISK received is sometimes nice to look at! Then I decided. I wasn't going to lose 100 Rifters by not engaging anything. I decided for my fourth time round the battlegrounds that I would just engage whatever I saw first.

I set of travelling, passed through Arzad where Geddonz saw me in local. Made my way to Lamaa through the Tzvi gate. There were two Hurricanes on the gate after I had jumped through along with a few Minmatar Militia members on routine patrol. I saw our Militia members engage so though it prudent to assist. It wasn't long before my shields had disappeared, I wasn't scrambled so I warped off. Waited for my shields to recharge a little bit and came back. There were only a couple of Minmatar ships on grid and neither were a match to the Hurricanes so I jumped through to Tzvi where a third hurricane was waiting on the other side. It was doubtful that I'd be scrammed in time before I was able to warp off but I was here for a fight so burned back the the gate and jumped through. I engaged one of the Canes and started burning away at top speed. The third Cane had now jumped through and with three canes fire-power, including drones, my Rifter wasn't around much longer! Yeah, I forgot to rig the ship, although it wouldn't have mattered!

I forgot to take any screenshots so instead here is a picture of noise with his newly ironed military uniform purchased for the price of 10 million ISK combined for boots and shirt. Trololol.


Great idea and great post! I think I'm going to do something similar. Just fly it till I'm dead in it, and kill whatever I can along the way.Care to post or PM me a rifter fitting you are using? Dual prop? Just curious.

I'll compose something with some fits for you :)

If you have trouble finding Amarr targets I have some 24/7 hotspots for you. This is where most Amarr are stationed and roam about:Huola, gates and 24th StationKourmonen, mostly gatesAuga 3rd Station (23/7 camp)The biggest problem will be finding a solo target, rather than somebody with friends - as always.I am in Amarr FW myself but not for the ideology or plexes. Being -10sec in Lowsec means only half the people shoot you at gates, meaning the Minmatar.

Thanks @panthetek I will look in those places when I roam.

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