Seismic Activity I

I tend to hang out at the Old Pond Pub (in-game channel). The Bartender Droid can be a bit glitchy but it's better than the last one! It also has a nice little picture on the the wall:


The other night I was having a drink and Seismic Stan came over for a chat. I assured him that the reason he hadn't seen me in there much recently was because I had been busy judging a fiction contest and it had taken most of my free time. I didn't want to mention the persistent cheese smell.

I mentioned that I may be having difficulty in losing 100 Rifters and we started coming up with ideas on losing them. In the end Stan suggested that he bring his large assortment of ships and modules over to me and we duke it out, as an ongoing arrangement. We will be fitting warp disruption equipment as we are free to warp off at any point but I'm not allowed to dock at all until my Rifter explodes into tiny little pieces! 

Skip forward in time and now Seismic Stan is here, he has bought with him "a random and eclectic selection of Noise Suppressors" which range from a "meta0-fitted Tormentor" through to cruisers. I'm fit in a passive armour Rifter. We've created a safe spot, swiped an item from each others jet-can, warped away again and are ready to fight!


I land first and pre-overheat my weapons. I see stan warp in and I start closing the 40km gap with my afterburner active. He's in an Executioner, I might struggle to catch him with this slow Rifter with its autocannons, an afterburner, a web and a scrambler. I manage to get within 10km before he starts to increase the gap again, my scramblers range is 9km so I'm not able to disable his microwarpdrive and he easily manages to keep his distance. I overheat my middle rack to increase the range of my scram and boost the speed my afterburner puts out. Within seconds I have managed to get him scrambled so I set my orbit to 'standing on your hull' distance and turn off overheating of the mid-slots. He starts to increase the distance ever-so-slowly which prompts me to activate my webifier. I now control the distance of the fight so long as I keep web and scram on him. My shields have just depleted as his are half way, now he has to chew through my fairly strong armour tank.


Now that he is under my optimal, a single shot from my autocannons removes the remaining 50% shields and obliterates 40% of his armour.

Pew Pew.

Two more shots and his scum of an Amarrian ship explodes violently as I gleefully watch the fireworks to the starboard of my Rifter.


Oh dear...


Doesn't bode well for the next fight!


To be continued...




In my defence, Amarr ships are my Achilles heel. I'm only skilled to Amarr Frigate III and don't really have a clue about them. I just think the Executioner looks kewl and happened to have one laying around. Sadly it's barely got more fitting slots than a rookie ship.Despite that, I wasn't really aware at the time of how effectively it had hamstrung the Rifter, making the next combat much more favourable for me...[Little known factoid - our Old Pond Pub (sometimes roleplaying) chat channel was named by Greenbeard after our old RL local in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. Sadly, it no longer exists, like most of the UK pub trade.]

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