Seismic Activity II

Seismic Stan is here, he has bought with him "a random and eclectic selection of Noise Suppressors" which range from a "meta0-fitted Tormentor" through to cruisers...

So I'm starting the fight like this:
In my passive armour tanked Rifter. Three out of my four weapons are incapacitated and I'm not allowed to dock. Whatever he brings out, I wont be hurting much.

A Vigil lands over 100km away. I activate my (Nanite Repair Pasted) afterburner and point my Rifter in his general direction. I can get within 15km which isn't close enough to scram him, he is easily able to keep his distance. I overheat my entire mid-rack in an attempt to catch him like the previous fight but this ship seems to be much faster than the Executioner. I disengage my afterburner and start heading away from the Vigil for a few seconds and then do a 180, activate my overheated afterburner and try to close the gap once more. It works, I manage to get 9km from him and activate my overheated scrambler and webifier. He hasn't even managed to remove my shields in the 2 minutes we've been at this. It gives me hope that I might be able to destroy his Vigil with just a rocket launcher if I'm just able to keep him scram and webbed. In order to do this though I have to make sure that I don't burn out my modules, so I can't keep them overheated to keep him in range. I turn of the overheat for my scrambler and webifier and it appears I can keep the distance! It looks like I could do this as my armour is holding steady and I have the Vigil in half shields. Suddenly my speed drops below 400m/s
Shit! I forgot to turn off the overheat for my afterburner. Damnit! I'm such a dumbass! He starts pulling away and he gets out of range as he reaches 10% shields. I lose lock as he burns way out of range, come back Stan! A few seconds later he's back in range, I relock and he's back at 50% shields. I'm trying to catch him with an overheated scrambler again and actually manage to catch him. It only takes one cycle to totally burn out my module though and I'm left with just a webifier and a rocket launcher. Stan is back at near 100% shields and asks me if I have a repper waiting to be activated. I reply with this picture of my ships status:
Slowly. Ever so slowly he is eating at my armour. A few minutes later I zoom into my ship to watch it start smoking.
Followed closely by the total destruction of my Rifter... To a Vigil... NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!


To be continued...







I wasn't really aware of how crippled Noise's Rifter was during this battle (despite him sending me a jpeg of his melted modules) and ended up with a wildly inflated opinion of the Vigil as a result. This combat dragged on for a hilariously long time despite the inevitable outcome. Ultimately, I was pleased that I'd overcome the mighty Rifter with lesser frigates, even if it took two of them.I think the Vigil does have potential as a cheap scout and long-range warp disrupting tackler though.

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