Seismic Activity III

Seismic Stan is here, he has bought with him "a random and eclectic selection of Noise Suppressors" which range from a "meta0-fitted Tormentor" through to cruisers...

After losing my Rifter in the last fight to a Vigil, it's time to reship. I opt for a speed fit arty Rifter that can reach out to Stan's long range ships that he's fielded so far and I have a tracking disruptor so that his turrets lose optimal range.

I land about 70km from Stan and start burning towards the plucky little Vigil. Once he's within 20km I lock and start firing.
You see that message Stan? That's right, your Vigil is nothing compared to my Rifter of arty doom!

I'm fit with a warp disruptor this time as I feel that his long range ships will taste the wrath of my arty's at his long distance and the only chance he'll stand is by coming up close to me which means his speed will automatically be reduced to maintain the tight orbit. The slower he goes, the better my tracking enhanced arty's will hit and my afterburner should give me better control. My first volley takes him down to 60% shields, second volley 30% but then he closes range and starts orbiting me at 6km. My arty's sometimes miss at this close range but the times I do hit, it hit's the Vigil hard. Like now, another hit has removed his shields and took a bite of 15% out of his armour. My shields are at 60% and I'm now helped now by the fact Stan has stopped orbiting me and appears to be heading directly away. I guess he's going to try a 180 and burn towards me to get closer but doing so, he has allowed me to get an easy shot and have reduced his armour to 10% before he turns around and collides with my Rifter.
A couple of seconds later I'm heading away from him at a distance of 8km and I've started to rip away his structure. I'm heading in a straight line now to help my arty's hit but this makes me easier to hit too and I lose 25% of my shields in one hit.

I know I have all my armour left while he is in structure so maintain the straight line course but now I'm at 10% shields. It doesn't matter now though, my next shot removes all of his structure and I watch my stern as the Vigil explodes.

That fight was a lot easier than the last ones as I had no need to overheat my modules which left me to concentrate of steering the Rifter. The only problem now is that I'm in an arty Rifter now no tank. What will Stan bring out next?

To be continued... 


awesome reads and love the screenies!

I loved that Vigil, despite the fact it looks like a kite. Bastard.I hate Rifters. Tech I frigate combat on easy mode :(

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