Seismic Activity IV

Seismic Stan is here, he has bought with him "a random and eclectic selection of Noise Suppressors" which range from a "meta0-fitted Tormentor" through to cruisers...

We're now joined by a reporter who seems to like cakes and Stan has gone off to fetch a new ship after my arty fit Rifter blew up his Vigil. What is Stan going to bring next?

Shit! A Rifter!

I reluctantly start heading in his general direction not wanting to engage. Going against another Rifter wasn't what I had in mind with this arty Rifter. I have nothing to slow him down and no tank. If he get's close I'm a goner. I know that losing Rifters is the whole point of this exercise but in the heat of battle, I want to win!
It takes about a minute to actually get anywhere near him, then we both lock each other as we reach 20km. Almost immediately Stan is on top of me. I fire, he fires and now he's webbed me.

Within seconds my shields are depleted while his are holding fast at around 70%. I can't do anything to move him from his 500m orbit and my armour is melting like butter.

It doesn't take very long before the inevitable boom! It took longer to approach him that it did for him to destroy my ship once he had started shooting.
That Rifter is looking a little too close!

To be continued... 


I love Rifters, they're great. Tough, versatile and they look like dirty X-Wings.

Lol. Love/hate relationship with the Rifter o.O

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