Seismic Activity IX

Seismic Stan is here, he has bought with him "a random and eclectic selection of Noise Suppressors" which range from a "meta0-fitted Tormentor" through to cruisers...

In the last fight I finally managed to beat Stan's Kestrel. I'm in a strong Rifter fit but it does have weaknesses that I'm not going to mention here (we don't want spying eyes to get wind of it, eh). The only problem I have is that I used up most of my nanite repair paste in the last fight needlessly repairing my warp scrambler.

This is the state of my Rifter as Stan warps in.
Stan has just arrived in a Breacher. I've never fought a Breacher before but I know the Minmatar Stealth Bomber uses it's hull so I'm expecting missiles. I wonder how it'll do compared to the Kestrel. I defeated the Kestrel in this ship so I'm quietly confident about winning this fight.
The Breacher lands only 40km away from me and I head in it's direction while engaging my afterburner. It isn't long at all before I'm in scrambling disance and easily active the module to stop the opposing ship from warping away or activating it's microwarpdrive. Seconds after I'm in range the Breacher has lost it's shields as we exchange fire. Close up these autocannons are unstoppable. Well, almost.
Stan has me webbed but it appears I'm still faster than him, he is staying within my optimal range. I now start to melt his armour too, great big chunks at a time.
A couple more shots and he goes into structure and then immediately explodes as one of my rockets makes contact with the Breacher.
A nice easy fight for this Rifter. What's next?

To be continued... 


Er..yeah, about that. This was an abject lesson in getting the approach right, which I didn't. I should have been able trying to kite you again, not charge straight into your guns. I think I had some hare-brained idea about getting under your guns, but clearly it didn't pay off.

He he. A ship without any tank probably shouldn't try to get underneath an autocannon Rifter :p

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