Seismic Activity V

Seismic Stan is here, he has bought with him "a random and eclectic selection of Noise Suppressors" which range from a "meta0-fitted Tormentor" through to cruisers...

In the last fight I lost my arty Rifter to Stan's autocannon Rifter so after cobbling together a new dual rep active armour tanking, microwarpdriving, cap boosting, gyrostabalizing Rifter I'm a little shocked to see the little tyke has reshipped into a Tormentor!
You need to kick this little fetish with Amarr ships Stan! I start closing the gap without propulsion modified speed until I reach 30km. Then I pulse my microwarpdrive once to give myself a nice burst of speed which should land me within Amarr-ship-death-by-autocannon distance. I lock him up and activate all of my offensive modules. My autocannons hit first and knock 50% off the Tormentors shields. The rockets hit at the same time as the second autocannon shots fire and his 50% shields become no shields and 25% armour.

One more round from my autocannons and the Tormentor explodes into a lovely ball of fire. Less than 10 seconds since the first shot was fired I rid New Eden of another Amarr vessel.


To be continued... 


Surprise! Fear the mighty SSS What? and its terrifying mining bonuses.We agreed you can't dock up after a fight, we never said I couldn't. Asymmetrical combat is what EVE is all about. ;)And what can I say, it was cluttering up my hangar and had to go.

I didn't read the small print ;)

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