Seismic Activity VII

Seismic Stan is here, he has bought with him "a random and eclectic selection of Noise Suppressors" which range from a "meta0-fitted Tormentor" through to cruisers...

My dual armour rep, microwarpdrive, autocannon Rifter didn't fair well against Stan's Kestrel in the last fight. It was simply too hard to get close and have enough capacitor to run my reppers at the same time. It was just impossible!

I like a challenge though and while the last fight was over quickly, I did manage to get in close. If I could have just kept my warp scrambler on him long enough I might have stood a better chance. That's it. I've talked myself into fitting the exact same fail fit that I just lost with! I swear I can't be sane.
As I warp in, I immediately start approaching the Kestrel. I pulse my microwarpdrive and lock Stan up. Even with my microwarpdrive still active, I'm not able to close in on him enough to active my scrambler.
With Stan's first volley I'm down to 37% shields while he is too far away for me to do any kind of real damage with these autocannons. Once I do manage to get within scrambler range the rascal throws on a webifier, this combined with my microwarpdrive being off due to needing armour rep means that I wont keep within scrambler range for very long.
He's out of scrambler range straight away and is still at half shields. I'm taking a beating, I'm only just managing to keep both repairers active but I'm on my last capacitor boost before it needs reloading. I know that once the module deactivates I'm as good as dead so I make the same really bad decision as I did in the last fight. I activate my microwarpdrive! The very moment I do that my armour is stripped due to the increased signature radius and I have very little cap left.

Surprisingly I manage to get a few more rep cycles from both of the armour repairers but it doesn't matter. My increased signature radius makes the incoming damage too much for the active repairers to handle and I soon find myself ejected from my Rifter.

Drat! At least I doubly know that this is a bad fit! Off I trundle to go to ponder a new one.

To be continued... 


To be fair, a Kestrel in the right hands is a vicious little frigate killer.

All hail the mighty Kestrel, vanquisher of Rifters.In truth this was a painstaking process of managing your speed with a scrambler/webifier combo. I was essentially doing the EVE equivalent of keeping you at bay using my longer arms to keep my hand on your head. Every time you dropped out of the 9km/10km range of my tackles, you surged forward. If I wasn't quick enough to re-apply the tackle to get your speed down, you'd strike home with the odd shot and I had a paper thin tank.This was a high maintenance but effective strategy that I used repeatedly to embarrass fellow Freebooter Long Jack. Which is why the Kestrel got named Jack Shortener. I also used the same tactic with a Caracal versus a Rupture and a Stabber on ex-Freebooter CEO Greenbeard, to maintain control of the corporation. The duel was documented on the <a href="">EVE Privateer</a> blog.Kiting is cheap and cowardly, but Caldari ships do it well.

I had three duels with Nash Kadavr, he took Caldari ships all three (Raven, Drake, Cormorant) and I took Gallente all three (Megathron, Myrmidon, Catalyst). In the first he did exactly this with the Drake, using ecm drones to further frustrate my efforts to close and blaster-ize him. In the destroyer battle, I tricked him with a long ranged setup with Rails and tracking computers. In the third, I went for broke with a faction fit Megathron and EM heavy drones.Moral of the story, either find a way to overpower the Kestrel or fight him at range. Of course, this fighting is already done so my advice is far too late... :P

Yeah. The Kestrel is a tough cookie! I'm glad it wasn't easy for you Stan ;) and that duel with Greenbeard was a great read! Of course it's too late Kirith but it's good advice indeed :D

Nice write-up and especially good post-mortum

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