Seismic Activity VIII

Seismic Stan is here, he has bought with him "a random and eclectic selection of Noise Suppressors" which range from a "meta0-fitted Tormentor" through to cruisers...

Twice now Stan's Kestrel of doom has obliterated my Rifter. This time I will use a less cap intensive fit and one that will give me some hit point buffer from his devastating missiles. I opt for a dual armour rep Rifter with an armour plate, afterburner, and scrambler. The hope is that I'll be able to keep my armour in check with the dual repairers. The cap booster will keep me in cap which should last long enough, even with my afterburner active. From past experience the capacitor will run dry when the cap booster is reloading its charges. The armour plate should give the extra hit points needed to stay together when the repairers stop working until the cap booster has reloaded.
I come out of warp 80km away from Stan and burn towards the Kestrel with my afterburner active. As we close in Stan is able to start firing from a greater distance, still 20km out my shields have already been wiped away like they never existed.
With my armour buffer I can afford to only activate a single repairer to make my cap last longer which will help. I still need to get closer though so I briefly overheat my entire mid rack to give me some extra speed and extra range on the scrambler to shut off his microwarpdrive, should he be using one. 
This allows me to close range on the Kestrel to 10km. This is close enough for me to scram him with an overheated scrambler, which I do. When I get close enough to keep him scrambled without using an overheated scrambler I turn off the overheat. Each time I do this he manages to creep out of scrambler range and I spend all my of attention in a frustrating cycle of overheating my scrambler, cap boosting to keep my repairers active and then turning off the overheat.

It gets to the point that I have to repair my scrambler with repair paste in order to continue using it this way before I burn it out, which leaves Stan free to warp out should he need to.
I'm very slowly whittling away his shields and for the 3 minutes of the fight so far he's been travelling away from me in a straight line with our distance fluctuating from 8km to 11km. I have had to reload my cap boosters a number of times during the fight but my armour buffer stays strong.
My armour is hold from the onslaught of missiles but Stan can't take the pounding from my autocannons and rockets. With my tank holding it's just a matter of time now that's he's in armour. Bit by bit the Kestrel loses armour followed by structure.
Until finally the mighty Kestrel explodes under from the superior fire power of the Rifter.

Looking at the killmail, the sod doesn't even have a microwarpdrive fitted! All that wasted time playing with the scrambler!

I'm in a pretty versatile Rifter this time which can take on a variety of ships. What do you think he's going to bring out next?

To be continued... 


I died because I I lost focus and failed to manage your speed properly as I had previously. With due diligence I should have been able to whittle you down slowly. I now wonder whether 'fishtailing' as I fly away would have any bearing on transversal and incoming fire. I'd like to experiment further with this.I think this was my favourite fight because it was about piloting skill and best use of modules rather than any clear ship advantage. Good fight mate.

I think that flying in a straight line did enable me to hit far better but if I hadn't been messing around with my scrambler, I would have probably considered swapping my ammo type!More experimentation sounds like more fun to me!

With regard to only having an afterburner fitted, I did some number-crunching comparing the Rifter and Kestrel speeds whilst considering this setup. My gamble was that the speed of an AB-fitted Kestrel and an appropriately tackled Rifter (MWD nullified or -50% AB speed) was close enough for me to maintain distance.The two weaknesses were if you had an effective firing solution at distance or, as was the case with our fight, the Rifter pilot manages to wriggle out of the tackle harness to get closer.

I'll be sure the bring the KY Jelly for our next set of encounters then ;)

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