Seismic Activity XI

Seismic Stan is here, he has bought with him "a random and eclectic selection of Noise Suppressors" which range from a "meta0-fitted Tormentor" through to cruisers...

As the last fight was over pretty quickly, I use the remaining paste I have to completely fix my cap booster as I have a feeling Stan will be bringing some big guns after his recent spat of defeats.

Oh look! A Cormorant! The Caldari Destroyer! This isn't going to end well.
I head in for a close range orbit and immediately overheat my weapons. I know I am going to need the additional fire power here. My shields are going down fast so I activate both of my armour repairers well in advance.
I'm actually managing to keep the ship together but only just. Each cycle of my armour repairers manages to fix my armour but a little bit less is remaining each time. By the time I start to take structure damage I have successfully removed all of the Cormorants shields!
I actually get the Destroyer down to around half armour before I lose control of the Rifter and my Pod is ceremoniously ejected into the harshness of space. So close!
I didn't think I'd be able to last anywhere near that long against a Destroyer! It was great!


To be continued... 


Heh, this was me sulkingly cheating cos that last Rifter had annoyed me. It needed to die. Despite that, the Rifter was frustratingly unco-operativet in the face of Destroyer's-worth of hybrid blasters. I suspect things may be a little different post-Crucible.

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