Seismic Activity XIII

Seismic Stan is here, he has bought with him "a random and eclectic selection of Noise Suppressors" which range from a "meta0-fitted Tormentor" through to cruisers...

I managed to make Stan's Rifter go pop. Now he says he is bringing something big and armed for our final battle.
The Caracal Cruiser that lands near enough on top of me is enormous compared to my tiny Frigate and I'm not even at my optimal. I head in to closer range and set an orbit of 500m without using my microwarpdrive, it's going to be completely redundant in this fight. I don't want a signature radius bloom and a higher orbit will only benefit the Caracal with it's longer range missiles. The incomming missiles have taken almost 20% of my shields by the time I've tucked in nicely and there isn't much else I can think of doing except overheating my autocannons.
My Rifter continues to orbit Stan for a little while and my shields actually appear to be holding. True, Stan's shields seem to be holding too but I expected to in structure in quick time. Now that I have established the close orbit I think Stan's missiles are hitting slightly less, my shields are going down slower.
I've got the Caracal at 50% shields now and I'm my shields are at 69%. Could I win this? Eh up! What's that? Drones! Sheeet, there's two of them. They will secure my defeat so there is only one thing to be done. Blow them up one by one.
I stop my autocannons from shooting the Caracal and switch fire to a drone. It's shields go down pretty quickly but not all of my shots seem to be landing. By the time I have destroyed the first drone my shields have been reduced to 18% and there is still another drone shooting along with the Caracal's missiles. As I get the second drone into armour my Rifters shields finally fail. My Rifter and the Hobgoblin II are both losing armour at the same rate but I manage to get a lucky shot off because the Drone explodes when I'm at 22% structure.
I quickly start firing on the Caracal again but after the first shot fires it's too late. My Rifter explodes when Stan's the next missiles to hit me takes all 22% of my structure away at once. 
That was a fun fight. I thought I'd be a gonna straight away when I first saw the Caracal. Minus the drones though, I was holding OK. Stan, why couldn't you have forgotten to deploy them this time as well ;)

I've had a good series of fight with Seismic Stan but this is the final one for a while. I hope you enjoyed the series as much as I did pew pewing and subsequently writing up these posts about them.


The End


I was trying to provide a sort of end-of-level Boss kind of experience here and I managed to achieve this admirably by flying like I was a badly written 8-bit AI routine, perfectly emulating a stupid and predictable final challenge from games of yesteryear.This was more hilariously bad flying from me. I completely failed to even attempt to keep you at range. If I recall correctly I has using Heavy Assault missiles (I really could've come out fitted specifically to kill frigates, but then it would've been very one-sided), so I had an effective range of 30km. Why I came in so close I really don't know, the Warp Disruptor II had a range of 24km too.Also, initially I forgot my drones again and for a while I was genuinely thinking "Oh dear, I've just thrown away a T2 fitted cruiser to a Rifter. How embarrassing.But despite my persistent attempts to lose, even a cruiser flown by an idiot proved to (just about) be too much for the Rifter.It was a great evening and I'd love to do more some time. Perhaps we can come up with a new twist for a Christmas rematch.

Sounds like a plan to me! So how are we going to make it x-mas themed? @freebooted

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