SiSi Senior

I've been messing around in SiSi a lot recently. I wanted to play with some ship fits to see different possibilities on blowing dumbass innocent carebears out of the sky in my pursuit to become a proper flashy pirate.

I've got to say. I absolutely love the new missile effects and Manticore model.
I have found that there aren't any faction modules on Singularity for some reason. They are listed on the market but not seeded which put a halt on my testing until they mirror Tranquility next where I have already purchased the items I need. I'm still playing around but with T2 and meta 4 versions.

I've seen a bit of negativity about the new inventory window recently but after playing with it for a little while, I think I like it. On Tranquility I have windows pop-up all over the place in various different sizes. I quite often have to have multiple inventories open to shift various items around on my industrial characters. This looks like it'll help quite a lot. The ability to save custom filters at the bottom left of the inventory window would be a huge plus though.

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