Skill point shopping

noise skill injection

4,220,435 skill points to redistribute for noise is nothing to sneeze at. I have spend a few days creating temporary plans to see what ships I can get into with noise, or which skills that would otherwise be awkward to train but are useful.

noise currently has 38mil in skill points and has his attributes mapped for Int/Mem skills with a remap available in June.

noise isn't very charismatic. He used to be, but I think he hung around too many Amarr. I thought I'd look at training skills that use the charisma attributes. I don't see noise being mapped that way at any point soon. Even with 4.2mil skill points available though, I don't have enough to complete a full plan. I added all the Leadership Warfare skills but this took me over my allowance so I decided that if I wanted those skills I would actually remap my charisma attributes at that time. I could try and get a years worth of charisma skills trained if I included Social skills too. Maybe.

Those damned charisma skills haunting me, even now. When I first rolled a character I didn't know about the attributes, what was good and what was not. That's why I ended up with a Minmatar Sebiestor with it's higher than usual charisma attributes. I ended up leaving noise duct taped to his reaper (hey, plenty of it lying around in a Minmatar hanger) while I created and used Commander Phoenix as my main character.

Once I had decided to spend the skill points on Per/Wil skills I started looking at ships and ship types that I would use.

I know I want to get into a Vagabond, I know a few pilots with these and have a lot of enjoyment flying them in anger. Plus, everybody wants to be as 'fast' as our Hero Roc Wieler is with the ladies. What better way to imitate that than in a Vagabond.

I was also eyeing up a sabre or Broadsword for some fast bubbling action. A Huginn or Rapier for lovely cloak and dagger operations. Damn it. How is anybody supposed to choose. Perhaps some gunnery skills as noise cannot use T2 large projectiles and they would come in very handy if I was to get myself into a battleship.

After I took a break I thought about what I mainly fly with Commander Phoenix at the moment as part of a null sec alliance.

This made things a lot simpler. One ship that can fit for either DPS, Tank, Speed, Cloaky. Loki! I will train noise to fly the Minmatar T3 Strategic Cruiser, with it's subsystem choices I can have my pick of the type of ship I will be piloting.

I will have the defensive, engineering and electronic system skill at level 5 by the 8th December leaving me fully capable of flying the Loki after I have distributed the skill points. I do hope they don't delay the learning skill removal, planned on the 14th December. Have you ever seen a Minmatar cry!

While Commander Phoenix is a member of CVA, it would be sacrilegious to have noise, a Minmatar, a member of the alliance. This means I have no idea when I'll actually use noise in his Loki...

Maybe during these past 4 days in front of EVE HQ and EVE Mon I haven't fully thought it through...

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