Darth Skorpius Presents "Write My Bio" an EVE Fan Fic Contest

Can you write? Do you want to win a couple of PLEX?
Yes and yes? Then Darth Skorpius needs your help, he is in need of some memories (if you ask me, his memory loss is for the best with the amount of times he's been destroyed while piloting Badgers).
This is what we've got so far:
Personal Life

Race: Caldari
Bloodline: Achura
Born: YC 89.02.15
Age: 24 1/2
Occupation Prior to Becoming a Capsuleer: CLASSIFIED
Graduated: Late 109 (exact date unknown) from Kisogo VII - State War Academy School
Pilots License Registered: YC 109.12.26
Current Employer: 352 Industries
Current Position: 352 Industries Diplomatic Liaison
Current Deployment: Alliance: Order of the Void Corp: Legion of Darkwind
Born on Saisio III to Achura parents his family moved to Kisogo IX when Darth Skorpius was still an infant. He is rumoured to have been a bright child and while this wasnt always reflected with academic success, he was often called upon by family and friends to help solve problems relating to various pecies to technology and was able to achieve enough to gain entrance to the State War Academy School.
His real name has been classified for unkown reasons, and he prefers to be called Skorp as it is shorter and easier to say, and has in the past been part of corporations with more than one "Darth"
In early October YC110 an unknown accident occurred resulting in partial memory loss and he only remembers bits and pieces of his life prior to YC 110.10.07 when he was successfully reanimated and returned to the realm of the Capsuleer. As a result, little is known about his personal life.

Parents: DECEASED - died in hover car accident on Kisogo IX in YC107 while Skorp was training to become a Capsuleer
Siblings: Skorp is the oldest of 3 children.
REDACTED: his sister is the middle child and is currently believed to reside on Jolia V (location unconfirmed)
NAME CLASSIFIED: his brother is the youngest of the 3 and is currently belived to reside on Kisogo VIII (location unconfirmed - intel suggests he is training to become a Capsuleer)
Associates: Capsuleers

Pyrotech03: Pyro is the current CEO of Legion of Darkwind and invited Skorp to join L.O.D to establish a diplomatic relationship between L.O.D and 352 Industries, the corporation that Skorp represents.
Adainy Gwanyn: A fellow member of L.O.D, Adainy is currently working on Project Blueprint as part of the Arek'Jaalan initiative.
Your task, should you choose to accept it is to reconstruct the memories of Darth Skorpius.
Write a short story about Darth Skorpius to help fill in the blanks in his memory and win a pair of plex and have your story added to the soon to be created Evelopedia page on Darth Skorpius.
  1. The setting can be any point prior to the main characters recovery from his accident (see bio).
  2. This means his time at capsuleer school is fair game, as is his childhood.
  3. His pre-capsuleer employment is left empty so as to allow entrants the ability to use this period of his life.


  1. The contest will run for 28 days from 2011/11/01 00:00 until 2011/11/28 23:59 EVE time. The in-game clock will be used to determine the official contest closing time.
  2. Entry submission time will be the time stamp on the post containing the entry.
  3. Notification of submission of entry must be received within 6 hours of close of entries.


  1. Entries can be in either 3rd person or first person but must follow the main character.
  2. Entries should be between 500-1000 words long.
  3. Entries are should be in short story format similar to the EVE chronicles.
  4. Only one entry per person.
  5. All entries must be submitted by commenting on this post with a link to your entry and an email address i can contact you on.
    1. Entries may be in the form of a publicly viewable forum post. this means if you choose to post it on your own forums, it must be in an area where anyone can read it without logging in.
    2. Entries may be in the form of a blog post.
Entering you email address in the Email address (optional) box does not send me your email address so please include it in the Your comment box.
If you do not wish to display your email address publicly, you may send your email address to competition@phoenixdiaries.co.uk after you have submitted your link as a comment.

NO members of 352 Industries may enter
Attempts at bribing the judges will result in disqualification of entrant. Bribes will not be returned.
First place: 2 X PLEX. (and an e-hug from Skorp)
Second place: 100mil ISK.
Third place: 50mil ISK.

Prizes will be determined based on which story the judge (Darth Skorpius) likes best, with the top 3 all receiving an isk prize as listed above.

Winners will be announced via twitter before 2012/01/01 00:00 EVE time. follow @skorpion352 for contest updates and for the winners announcement!

By entering this competition you are agreeing to give Darth Skorpius full rights to your entry, including publishing rights.
All entries may be used to create an eBook.

All winning entries will be Incorporated into the non-canon official back story for Darth Skorpius.
All trademarks belong to CCP.

Thanks to Noise for hosting this on his blog.
Thanks to Max Torps for help with crafting these rules.
Thanks to CCP for making such an awesome game and for donating a pair of plex!
Thanks to the CCP Live Events Team for creating such an immersive experience with the current live events and inspiring me to come up with this crazy idea in the first place.
Thanks to the Tweetfleet for all the support you have given me since I came up with this crazy plan!


My entry, "Ward of the State". With apologies to any purists it may offend:http://interstellarprivateer.wordpress.com/2011/11/23/ward-of-the-state/

times up! winners will be notified shortly!

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