Us EVE Online fans obviously like a good space game! Whether it be spreadsheets in space, shoot you in the face in space or casually does it in space while hoping you're not the next SURPRISE FACE RAPE victim.

While I have been neglecting my EVE Online blogging duties (sorry) I have been mooching around Kickstarter. It's a strange place where some wonderful, some bizarre and some ludicrous ideas are thrown around. If you look around too much, money just vanishes from your pockets! While there I have come across a gem. Skyjacker.
Skyjacker looks like it's going to be a game that appeals to EVE Online players. You're a pirate! The game is based on a set of books written by one of the developers so has a huge story background (admit it, you sometimes which EVE Online's story was more integrated into the game, don't deny it!). Basically a human called Ael was kidnapped from Ice Age Earth and raised by an alien. Ael becomes one of the most ruthless pirates in space. War turns him into a high-priced mercenary but after the war, is forced to flee to unpopulated/uncharted parts of the galaxy where he earns acclaim and protection from mystical races. A new threat has arrived that is devastating entire worlds, making them slaves by controlling them using psi-abilities. As a human Ael is immune to psi-control and is hired along with other 'freak' aliens to stop the new menace.
The aliens themselves are quite unique and are not like the usual humanoid ones we always see which is a refreshing change. The best bit though is the ability to destroy parts of the ships individually. Attack their engines and the ship will be a sitting duck, salvage the parts that you didn't destroy and add them to your own ship!
The game itself allows you to fly your ship in one of four different ways. You can pilot the ship like a car, where left/right acts like a car turning left and right. You can have a variation of the car physics to include a reverse. There is an aircraft flight model where you roll and pitch to turn. Lastly there is helicoptor style physics where turning the ship doesn't change your trajectory which is useful for strafing.
If you're a Windows or android device owner, they have created an program where you can dissemble and reassemble one of the ships, take a look. Android. Windows.

Head on over to the Kickstarter page. Watch the video, download the demo, look at the art and listen to the music. If you like what you see, maybe make a pledge!






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