Skyjacker Alpha Gameplay

Another update that isn't related to EVE Online. For that I give my apologies. I also have to say sorry about the blog being quite slow to load recently. Posterous have been acquired by Twitter and they seem to be experiencing more problem since then. They're probably building something nice and shiny for Twitter. I expect them to shut Posterous down at some point and I really need to export everything to a new place. Later maybe...

Anyhow, on with the reason for this update.

Skyjacker, as I mentioned a post or 2 back is a Kickstarter project at the moment. It's less than half a day till completion and hasn't met it's funding goal yet. They have just released an additional level to their alpha release demo and I decided to record myself having a quick attempt. The recording is me playing the new free-for-all level on Insane difficultly... I don't last very long. Anyway, enjoy and back Skyjacker!

-edit: Posterous is that crap now that it took a whole day to publish this post and as such the Kickstarter has finished. It didn't fund successfully. You can still keep up with development progress at the Kickstarter link.

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