The end is nigh

There is a poll up at the moment over at EON Magazine which looks like it is going to end the Frigate Tournament early. There are not many fights happening of late and the majority feel that it is dragging on too long. The last few matches I have fought are still to be entered on to the league but as it stands from April 13th (When the league was last updated) I am still in second place. I would obviously like to get first place, we will have to wait and see what happens but in the meantime I will need to get a few matches in.
Luckily for me, Wilko has just logged in and is willing to fight! We are both in the same corporation now, which is excellent but we are both in 0.0 with no T1 frigates. We both clone jump to empire and make our way to Dodixie and fit some ships. As usual we both fit Rifters but we agree to not fit faction modules and that changes how the ships work, for me anyhow. Still, I opt for an active armour tank to see what effect it will have against Wilko. We warp to our arranged spot and start at it. Wilko gets a good number of excellent shots that remove all of my shields and some of my armour. I activate all of my modules and mash the default orbit button in an attempt to get my transversal up. I overheat my weapons and am now doing some pretty nice damage to Wilko's Rifter. I have his shields and armour stripped relatively quickly but I also am teetering on zero armour, my repairer not able to keep up. I overheat my armour repairer at the very same moment that the opposing Rifter explodes.
Wilko wants me to taste blood. He docks and reships into a new Rifter while I repair. We both reach our fighting spot and initiate the fight once we both come out of warp. My damage control unit is already activated and my weapons and armour repairer are pre-overheated. I set my default orbit and start firing with everything she's got. I'm hoping for a quick take down. Both of our shields are going down together but once we go into armour mine depletes a lot quicker that Wilko's. I turn on my over-heated repairer when my armour reaches half way and that seems to be sustaining me while his armour is declining below my the level of mine. A few heavy hits and I have him deep into structure. I'm not the only one heavy hitting though. Each of his shots are taking chunks out of my structure that my repairer is unable to cope with. I have Wilko at 25% structure, surely this is it. All of a sudden both of our armour repairers are able to rep our armour higher and higher. What's going on? My cap runs out and I activate the cap booster module and wait for it to recharge. I have no armour left and and no capacitor to turn on my repairer yet he's not hitting me. I check my guns and the realisation that we have both screwed up sets in. We have both burnt out our autocannons. I then realise I have my default orbit still set to 20KM, my default orbit for flying a Vagabond. Double Doh! We close back in and I try to break his tank with rockets alone but lets face it, it's not going to do much damage. We call it a draw, head back, repair and prepare for a rematch.
We both quickly re-enter our fighting grounds and start the match. Again I have my damage control unit activated along with weapons and armour repairer pre-overheated. I start to lock his Rifter and set a tight 500m orbit. Once I have a lock my webifier grabs him and my weapons start to pound against his shields. I have him into armour whilst retaining, although briefly, 40% of my shields. Once I hit armour Wilko's hits are far more devastating, bringing my armour down to 50% almost instantly. Luckily for me I have manages to get Wilko's Rifter down to structure already. He is still hitting hard though. I only manage to destroy his Rifter as I my structure hits 75%.
A few good fights but now we are both overdue for other business and part our ways, hoping to meet up a little later. Unfortunately I have to let Wilko down as my business runs on late into the night. When I am finally available, Wilko has already called it a night. My apologies again Wilko (I seem to be apologising a lot to Wilko!).

I still don't know if I have enough points to reach first place!


Shame about the tournament, but meh, it's gotten a lot harder to get people to go out in rifters or punishers. Not wanting to start that debate again tho :-(Always a nice read here tho, keep flying!

Thanks!I challenge people that I chat to every now and then to a 1v1. It's good fun. It's been a while since I got a solo kill out in the wild though.The tournament isn't definitely ending early but I'm guessing the odds are in favour of a quick termination.

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