The Manufacturing Process

Month after month I use T2 manufacturing and invention for bringing in the ISK. Despite this, my liquid ISK never rises!

I'm not saying that profit isn't made. It's just that I'm not making enough to increase my ISK after buying PLEX for 3 accounts along with ships month on month.
Shut up and put that really tiny violin down! 
My manufacturing process goes like this at the moment:
  • Retrieve the latest material and ship prices. 
  • Out of my T1 blueprints, See which T2 variations will be profitable using which decryptors, also taking into account average invention costs.
  • Calculate how much profit is to be made against the time it will take.
  • See if any of the most profitable items are in my already invented T2 BPC's stockpile.
  • Determine item quantities to manufacture keeping in a sepecified ISK budget.
  • Work out if it is cheaper to manufacture components or buy them from the market. (It normally is)
  • Invent the needed T2 BPC's if they are not already invented.
  • Buy the materials/components.
  • Ship them to my station(s).
  • Spread out the component manufacturing optimally across characters for the shortest manufacture time possible.
  • Build the complete items.
  • Ship them to somewhere they will sell.
  • Play the 0.01 ISK trading game until all items are sold.
This normally takes 2-4 weeks from start to finish, from planning what to make, spending the ISK to selling the end item. I normally do one cycle per month with a profit between 1-2 billion ISK. Take from that POS costs, PLEX for 3 accounts and PvP ships for noise. Sometimes my overall ISK decreases, sometimes it increases. Overall I seem to be holding steady with liquid ISK of around 8bil.
The actual reason for the ISK not continually going up is the casual approach to production I've currently taken. I don't religiously keep jobs going and often have slots going to waste sometimes leaving it weeks between cycles. I don't plan on changing my play style at the moment as external factors require my time. I do plan on altering my manufacturing process though. I'm currently planning to have a component buffer that will smooth out the manufacture process but for that I need to use some ISK that will not be returned to the overall liquid ISK total.


Buffers are always a good idea. A good plan is setting aside an industry wallet, and then funnelling profits to any other divisions you want as a result (if you're running this as a corp, that is). That way you have a fund set aside for ship exploding - or whatever takes your fancy - without running the risk of depleting that if and when you have bad month in terms of expensive materials and a downturn in the market when you need it least.

I did start doing that at the beginning, having a separate wallet. Then I joined corps with a friend and we share the corp and POSes, etc. Since then I've only been using the single wallet. I figured that I wanted all the profit to go back into the industry pot because I wanted to hit 10bil and my first goal. This has never happened and I obviously didn't take into account non-industry costs!So thanks! Your comment has prompted me to go back to separate wallets :DI also need to 'properly' track my profits. I don't do this yet.

If you send me that ISK, I will double it and send it right back! No Scam - See my bio etc:) :) :)

Alan, I sent you ISK! Why haven't you sent it back! :P

I still don't keep track of profits. It's criminal really. :|

I don't necessarily want to track the total profit, rather exactly how much it cost me to build an item. Which would easily convert into tracking the total profit.

Oh I do that. I just don't pay much attention to it. I also produce too many things of varying numbers to keep track of with any real effectiveness, especially when any random number of those items could then be sold to allies at a discount before they even hit the open market.I think I make it harder on myself by doing this. All I know is I make money, and quite a bit of it, so I'm happy. :)

My friend who I share a corp with does the same as you. And he's rolling in it! I should do what he does!

Chocolips, I need a stack of jaguars! STAT!

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