The Starfleet Comms Collection

Almost a year ago MaxTorps from Starfleet Comms held a competition to win PLEX that were donated by CCP along with ISK from his own pockets. Competition entrants were asked to write, in 400-2000 words, an EVE Online story based on this single image:


A story that mentions in some way this Taranis Interceptor speeding through space. 

There was an overwhelming response to the competition, the number of entries for the competition totalled 117. (see here for the competition page and it's winners)

Since the competition ended, MaxTorps has been contacting both CCP and the fiction authors to allow the stories to be compile as an eBook. Of the submitted stories, 40 were given the go ahead to be released in the eBook which can be found here.

If you're into the fiction of New Eden, I'd recommend you download the eBook and read the stories, you're sure to enjoy.

Oh. And look out for an announcement soon about a further competition.

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