the #tweetfleet #minecraft map

For those members of the #tweetfleet who play Minecraft. @EVE_Tyen created a server that many of us use.

The address is

Why not come build with us?


Weekly, @EVE_Tyen sends me the tweetfleet map, which I compile to form a Google Maps version to look at in a web browser.


Tweetfleet Minecraft Map

Tweetfleet Minecraft Map

This map is created with Minecraft Overviewer and Minecraft Biome Extractor.

In August, the map was reset and we started to build a fresh new world. You can view a map of the old world here and download the world file here.


A) Can we download the old map?B) How often is it updating? Seems rather outdated

Hi Tetra! Do you mean the html map or the actual world map so you can open it in Minecraft?If you want the world map, I'll ask Tyen as it's his server.It's supposed to update every Saturday but I've not been receiving the files to produce the new gmaps. I have poked Tyen :p

Yay! fast reply!The World map so i can put it on my server that we use at home.

@tetraetc I put the world map link on the end of this post.

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